Add Photos To Facebook - Photo Strip

Add Photos to Facebook

In order to get more exposure on your Facebook page, you should add photos to Facebook. On your business page you now can have a strip of photos across the top of the wall. This will enhance your Facebook page, give you more attention and make you more friends and Likes.

Non-Standard Format

Unfortunately, the photo strip has non-standard format, so that you need to resize the photos you will use for this purpose. If you don't resize them, the height will be cut (cropped) by Facebook so that the top of a person's head may disappear, or part of your brand's logo, or other important parts of the photo may get lost.

The Facebook photo strip's width:height ratio is 1.426:1, while a common ratio is 1.333:1. This is why you have to change the ratio when you add photos to Facebook that you plan to use in the photo strip (it's not required in Facebook photo albums, though).

You wouldn't know until you uploaded the photos and looked at them on your page's wall whether the format is correct or not. Fortunately Facebook offers the option of not showing an individual image in the photo strip if you do discover a photo that is somehow chopped off.

Resizing Your Photos

In order to make photos for the photo strip on your Facebook business page properly formatted, you have to resize them. You will need a photo editor to either cut off the height of the photo (crop it), or change the width:height ratio, or a combination of both.

Note that if you only change the ratio, the photo may come to look a bit odd, as the proportions will change.

If you don't have a photo editing tool, you can get free software here.

Thumbnail And Full-Size Images

When you add photos to Facebook you don't want your photos to be too small, since they also will appear full-size if someone clicks on the thumbnail version in the photo strip. For the photo strip, Facebook reduces the images to 97x68 pixel size (which is pretty small), so obviously many visitors will click on them to take a closer look.

However, this reduction will in many cases cut off (crop) a little bit of the photo, which should be taken into consideration when you prepare your pictures for the photo strip.

Photos for Facebook can be of different sizes of course, but a size of around 680x480 will give visitors a good viewing experience, and it complies with the correct photo strip ratio.

Uploading Photos To Facebook

When you have prepared your photos, you will have to upload them manually from within your page. The photo strip displays 5 images, but you can upload more, of course. Note that it's always the last five photos you uploaded that are shown. Here's how to add photos to Facebook:

  1. From within your Facebook page, click Photos on the menu (left).
  2. Click on Upload more photos (or the + Upload Photos button), then Select photos.
  3. Select one or more photos from your computer.
  4. Name the album that will be created, or use default (today's date).
  5. Click on Create Album.

Then you will be taken to a new page where you can give the photo(s) a description, and more. You can publish the photo(s) now, or wait until later. You can also add comments to the photos and tag them later. However, they won't be displayed anywhere before they are published.

On that new page is also an Add Photos button that you can click on and upload more pictures to the album you just created. Here you can also edit the album - change the name, add location (where the photos were taken), and more.

Published Photos Appear on Your Wall

As soon as you add photos to Facebook and publish them, they will appear on your wall as a status update. Then you can either add a comment to that update, or add a new update about the images to inform people what they are about.

As you know, your photo strip shows the last five photos you uploaded. However, Facebook gives you the the option to not display a given picture that you don't want to appear in the strip. You can hide any image from the photo strip, but it will still be present in the album it belongs to.

If you want to hide a photo, hover over it and then click on the small x you will see in the top right corner of the photo. A dialog box will open, allowing you to hide the image or cancel the operation. The last uploaded picture from your album will then take its place, or a photo that you tagged.

Adding photos to your Facebook business page can make it more popular and cause greater visitor interaction on your page, and eventually more visitors to your website. So, spending some extra time to add photos to Facebook can turn out to be well worth the investment!

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